My name is Barry Doge, and I am the fastest meme coin alive. To the outside world, I’m an ordinary forensic scientist, but secretly, with the help of my friend at S.T.A.R Labs, I fight crime and find other meta-humans like me. But when my daughter came back from the future to help, she changed the present, and now our world is more dangerous than ever, and I’m the only one fast enough to save it. I time travelled again and accidentally created a new multiverse around the timeline. I can’t say the Earth we travelled to is the same because things are different here from the world I come from.

In this world there is a dog with superpowers, just like mine, they call it Flashdog. The fastest meme coin alive, with super regeneration, great reflection. It has one goal to save the world from bad guys, scam tokens and rug pulls. The best of all is that Zoom and Reverse Flash are best of friends and they are working together to support the superdog to achieve its goal. I decided to team up with them and definitely they help me find my way back home to the central city so that I can meet my wife, Iris. With the help of the Community, we can get Flashdog to the moon so that it can save the world. Another dog in the Inu family directly from the Flash himself!

Launching with 60 BNB in the liquidity pool (just like all the other dogs) Expect heavy price action to start with. Let’s pull a Uskita and MORE!

5% tax distributed to holders on every transaction

3% tax sent to the pool for auto liquidity

2% tax goes to the burn address


Total Supply: 1,000,000,000 $FLASH

Private Sale: 360,000,000 $FLASH (36%)

Airdrop and meme: 30,000,000 $FLASH (3%)

Liquidity: 324,000,000 $FLASH(32%)-liquidity lock for 6 months

Marketing: 80,000,000 $FLASH (8%)

Staking: 150,000,000 $FLASH (15%) -lock for 2 months

Team token : 60,000,000 (6%) — 100% burnt before launch

Private Sale Details

Private sale: 1 BNB = 6,000,000 $FLASH (min/max cap is 2BNB per wallet)

Listing: 1 BNB = 5,400,000 $FLASH

Private Sale Vesting Period: 50℅ will be distributed to private investors, while 50% will be locked.The vesting period will be 25% every 2 weeks.

Listing date: 20th of May, 15:00 UTC.

Upcoming Roadmap

Mid May — Stealth Launch on BSC

Coingecko and CoinMarketCap Application/Listing (Upon Launch)

Early June — Full Guerilla Marketing and Community Shilling Campaign

Late June — Lottery (Limited Edition NFT’s Launch for holders)

Early July — Launch of Beta Staking Platform

Late July — Partnerships and Further Development


Website: https://flashdoge.net/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Flashdoge_

Telegram: https://t.me/Flashdoge


Contract Address:

LP Tokens locked:




FlashDoge is another meme token on the Binance Smart Chain. It is 100% community driven.

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Flash Doge

Flash Doge

FlashDoge is another meme token on the Binance Smart Chain. It is 100% community driven.

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